Established in 2003 Holli Jewelers (originally founded as Hamilton Jewelers) is located in downtown Ketchum, Idaho. Clients will find the impeccably curated selection of contemporary fine jewelry, crystals, and metaphysical tools, all in an intimate setting. 

Holli Jewelers is more than a retail store. The intent for our store is to be an experience for clients . We understand each piece of jewelry posses its own unique power and is more than just an adornment. Jewelry can be a memory of a special occasion, or a tool used towards greater evolvement. We also appreciate the energetic properties of stones and often custom make jewelry based on clients specific interests. All jewelry and crystals are energetically cleared to ensure the metaphysical properties of the stones are fully available to the client. 


Leanne Rosko Doty, Owner

Braigen Sorensen, Store Manager